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Welcome to the Glenview Lofts Scotland website... 

My name is George Slaven, I live in a small village in the south west of Scotland, where I fly my birds in a very competitive pigeon club & federation flying club. 

I have been involved in pigeon racing and breeding since I was a small boy and fly my birds against up to 1500 birds each week.

I took a lengthy break until I was paired up with a few youngsters in the nest box. It was at this time the bug bit once again. 

I purchased birds from Derek Hurst of the Wirral and Mick Brighton of Doncaster. These birds were VANDENABEELE  birds from Galaxy lofts and M & D EVANS of MYRTLE LOFTS

They done me very proud. So I decided to contact Mark and Dickie Evans myself to get the sweeter fruit which always falls closer to the tree.

My involvement with M and D EVANS has been an absolute pleasure and would recommend these two gentlemen fanciers to anyone.

Myrtle Lofts 2008          ma doos 051

         Dick,George and Mark at Myrtle Lofts.                                                   George with Champion Shadow.

At GLENVIEW LOFTS SCOTLAND my main aim is to breed quality VANDENABEELE pigeons to score in high competition for myself & others who decide to try these birds. My stock birds are mainly M&D EVANS birds from all their top champion breeders.
At stock I have direct children from Benson, Misty, Band of Gold,
Jas, National FedeelkeMacLaren, Going for Gold, MacLaren Fideel, Golden Amber,
Golden Gaby, Icon, Golden Shadow,Witpen Logan, Lord of the Rings, Lady Arras, Winston, Westkapelle,
Home Alone, Echo, Mel,Wittenbuik Princesje, Royce Fideel, Rolls Royce, Blauwen 579,
Gaby 612, Miss Eisen, Miss Vervoort,Diamond Geezer, Carrie Black, De Bandiet, Eisenhower, Gold Blend,Lady Bond to name but a few, the list goes on.....

I also have sons from BLUE DIAMOND and MORNING STAR bred by Colijn, Ganus and Fox of SYNDICATE LOFTS. These are proven breeders down to the 4th generation, I do not sell old birds, if they do not breed the goods they are gone.The Federation I fly in is The Ayrshire North Road Fed. The birds have to navigate their way from the highlands of Scotland down tothe south west coast.I have tried a few different families of racing pigeons but the Gaby Vandenabeele birds always come to the fore, the harder the day the better. I have purchased Vandenabeele racing pigeons from different lofts but the M&D.Evans Vandenabeele’s are by far the superior lines.Flying the north route is definitely not flat country racing. The north route is littered with obstacles, high mountains, deep long glens where the birds have to really think what they are doing, and there is also an army of raptors which the birds have to deal with.This family of Vandenabeele racing pigeons I have blended together are fast and intelligent and have scored doing 700 yards per minuteup to 1800 yards per minute.                                     

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