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 Name: Chancer 

Bred by M&D.Evans, His Sire is “Diamond Geezer” inbred to “Wittenbuik” his Dam is “Gaby 612” Top breeding cock, he has bred 1st prize winners from the start. 







Name: Nero

Bred by M&D.Evans, His sire is top racing cock “Roman” son of “Eisenhower”, when paired to “Wittenbuik Princesje” double grand daughter of “Wittenbuik”.






the author

Name: The Author

Bred by M&D.Evans, his sire is “MacLaren Fideel” top racing cock for S&L.Knowles before going to stock at Myrtle Lofts, his Dam is “Golden Amber” top breeding daughter of “Golden Boy” x “Amber Louise”.






The hannah cock

Name: The Hannah Cock

Bred by John Halstead, He is a direct son of John’s No;1 hen “Hannah”, He is a top breeder at my lofts, super Vandenabeele bloodlines.






alonzo done

Name: Alonso

Bred by M&D.Evans he is a direct son of “MacLaren” x “Going for Gold”; Alonso is Sire, G.Sire and G.G.Sire to top birds all over the U.K. and Ireland.






double trouble done

Name: Double Trouble

Bred by M&D.Evans, This class hen is a direct daughter  from “De Bandiet”x “Reflection” top breeding daughter of World famous pair “Jester” and “Carrie”.






dwight d done

Name: Dwight D

Bred by M&D.Evans he is a direct son of “Eisenhower” x “Gold Blend” top breeder at my lofts.







jeeves done

Name: Jeeves

Bred by M&D.Evans, This top breeding cock is a direct son from “Benson” when paired onto “Misty”.







lucy done

Name: Lucy

Bred and raced by M&D.Evans she is a daughter of “Jas” x “Band of Gold” Lucy was raced in the Europa Classic one Loft race in 2003. She was 33rd when M&D.Evans had 5 in the top 47 birds in the big race. This special hen is Dam and Grand Dam of out right winners for myself and others.





mac young done

Name: MacYoung

Bred by M&D.Evans, He is a direct son from “Jester 662” top breeding son from Jester and Carrie, When paired to “Ebony Queen” daughter of Steve McQueen also from Jester and Carrie, When paired to Ebony.






soveriengn done

Name: Sovereign 

Bred by M&D.Evans he is a direct son from 1st  National winning cock “Golden Gaby” when he was paired to “Lady Bond” top breeding daughter of Gaby Vandenabeele’s 1st National winning cock James Bond. This makes Sovereign a son of a National winner paired on to a daughter of a National winner, Top Vandenabeele blood.










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