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Name : Daisy
This hen was bred by M&D Evans. She is a daughter of WITPEN LOGAN when paired to LADY BLIKSEM this beautifully balanced hen has bred the goods from the first nest.






Name : Julio


This blue cock is a direct son of ENRIQUE he was bred by M&D. Evans, This cock nearly bit the dust due to his off  spring not performing the way I would expect. I had bred some youngsters from him for other people who had put them to stock and by luck before “JULIO” was removed from the breeding lofts I received phone calls from two different fanciers to place orders for more youngsters from him as his grandchildren were doing very well.So there he is, I now have four of his children in the breeding loft who are breeding the goods.




Name : Ongree


This cock is something very special, bred by M&D.Evans he is a direct son of TOP MAN he is Sire; Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire to many top performance racing pigeons, He is the sire to my top breeding hen PEARL his blood runs through many of my top birds in one way or another.






Name : Pearl


Glenview Lofts Scotland’s No;1. Breeding hen she is a daughter of Ongree when he was paired to a Grand daughter of Wittenbuik Pearl is Dam and Grand Dam to 11 individual first prize winners that I know of, she is an absolute gold mine at stock. She started her career as a member of the race team winning 5 prizes in the top 4 before being retired due to loosing an eye at her last race.



Star Dust


Name : Star Dust


This cock is a direct son of MORNING STAR he was bred by Comb.Colijn & Ganus in the Dutch loft. Star Dust has only been with me for two seasons and is already Sire and Grandsire to first prize winners.






Name : Tsar


This cock is one of the main Sires at Glenview Lofts Scotland, He was bred by Syndicate lofts and is a direct son from BLUE DIAMOND a son from WITTENBUIK when paired to the world famous SISSI. Tsar is Sire; Grandsire and G.Grandsire for many top birds for myself and others who have brought this line in.





: Mylo


Again named by my daughter Eve. Mylo was a top racer as a youngster and a yearling before being very badly hurt by a hawk attack then retired to stock, He won 4 x 1st Prizes and 2 x 2nd Prizes in the 8 races he competed in, Mylo is a son of Pearl my No.1 breeding hen, He is breeding top birds already with different hens.













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